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I'm a Home developer, sometimes after the house is been buildt and sold I need to go back to fix little things and Bigger things. 
the handyman have helped me to take care
of those problems, time and time again.
Lynnwood, wa.
Some times big companies don't wanna do little things like replace a window or replace a faucet
or fix some blown shingles. But thakns to
the handyman i can get those little things taking care of.
Northeast, Seattle, wa.
We found out about the handyman tru a friend of ours thakns to their positive feed back we got our fireplace installed and now our basement is nice and warm.
Northgate Seattle, wa.
At my home and Business the handyman has been the extra pare of hands that we needed, now our little projects get done on time.
Tukwila, wa.
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